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Companies Involved in Biophotonics

Agilent Technologies is based in Palo Alto, CA . Agilent has opportunities to work in communications, electrical equipment and life sciences and chemical applications. Currently they have about 28,000 employees. Agilent is generally present at the engineering career faire.

Affymetrix is based in Santa Clara, CA and is focused on genomic research.

Abbott Laboratories is based in Chicago, IL and produces various medical products, from devices to nutritional supplements. There are currently more than 55,000 employees worldwide.

InLight Solutions is a developer of non-invasive optical measurement tools for life science applications.

Sensys Medical has developed a non-invasive NIR device to measure glucose levels.

SpectRX has developed a non-invasive method of using light to detect cervical cancer.

OptiScan Corporation has a biomedical division that uses light in cancer and diabetic applications.

MelaFind is a company that has developed a multisensor, non-invasive probe to detect melanoma.

Nova Biomedical is a manufacturer of biosensors.

Online Job Hunting Resources

Work In Optics is a good source for employment opportunities.

College Grad has information to help prepare to job search. They provide advice on cover letters, resumes and other job hunting strategies. There is also statistics on the current job market.

Wall Street Journal's Career Journal also has many useful resources for anyone looking for a job in industry.

The National Academy of Science offers a Guide for Careers in Science and Engineering, grad school planning information ia also included.