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Winter 2006 Seminar

GG in Biophysics (BPH290), DE in Biophotonics (BPT290), 
Supported by funds from CPIMA and CBST
Also Joint with DE in Biotechnology
Winter Quarter 2005 

a.    Sacramento Med Center CBST conference room, 3:00 PM
b.    UCD CBST conference room 241 Hunt, 3:00 PM
c.    Biotechnology DE, room 1022 LSA, 11:00 AM
*    Confirmed acceptance

1/6    *Thomas Huser, Dept. of Internal Medicine UCD        (b)
               Optical trapping Raman spectroscopy, Video of talkPDF of talk

1/13    *Mats Gustaffson, UCSF, UCSF                    (b)
                Structured Illumination, Video of talk

1/20    * Margie Longo, Biophysics, Ch. E. & MS, UCD            (b)
               Membrane Science, Video of talk

1/27    *Tonya Kuhl, Ch.E. & MS, UCD                    (b)
                Membrane Science, Video of talk

2/3    *Steve Boxer, Stanford                        (b)
                Membrane Science, Video of talk

2/10    *Brad Rice, Xenogen                             (c)
                Tomographic Imaging

2/17    (Travel day to Biophysics Annual meeting, SLC, Utah) NO MEETING

2/24    *Daniel Roitman, Agilent                        (b)
                Surface Plasmon Sensors

3/3    *Suk-Wah Tam-Chang, Chemistry, UNR                (b)

3/10    *Lorenzo Brancaleon, UTSA                            (Televideo 1PM)
                Protein-Porphyrin Interactions