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An overview of the goals and target audiences of the center's K-5 Program


The K-8 development team works to increase the number of interested and eligible underrepresented students that are prepared to pursue their interest in science in middle and high school and beyond by:

  • Developing and disseminating K-5 age and developmentally appropriate science education activities featuring the scientific concepts of Biophotonics. These materials are primarily targeted at the after-school population.
  • Providing children and their families with engaging inquiry-based experiential learning activities that promote an understanding of the concepts, terminology, methods, techniques, and issues involved in biophotonics.
  • Promoting the continuing professional development of community based educators and classroom teachers, especially those working with underrepresented students, by providing them with instructional materials, background knowledge and professional development opportunities.

Target Audience

K-5 children and their families who participate in after school programs in communities serving primarily under represented populations. Initially these efforts are focused at the greater Sacramento area.

After school educators and those wishing to become educators, especially those primarily serving underrepresented populations.

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