Online Tools

Refraction and reflection
Good for reflection, refraction and total internal reflection (like in a fiber-optic)

Single Slit Diffraction
Graphical Explanation

Single (screen) or a wavefront based one, and double slit diffraction interactive applets. See the interference of water waves.

Blackbody Radiation
Shows the spectrum and resulting color (use IE on Mac)

Simple lenses and ray tracing
Can image lenses, various light sources and object

Electromagnetic Spectrum - see the EM spectrum, what the wavelength size is and what uses or generates the wavelength.

Absorption Applet

Emission Applet

Single Filter Applet

Fluorescence introductionelectron excitation and emissionJablonski diagram

Human eye focusing

Human vision and color perception

Images for Bioimaging Course

Gecko images: red channelgreen channelblue channel

Bacterial colony image   

Breast cancer biopsy image