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Short Courses

Biophotonics Short Courses
Annual Meeting 2004, Rochester, NY
Annual Meeting 2004, Puerto Rico
Annual Meeting 2005, Baltimore, MD
SC182 CLEO 2006 Huser
SC272 CLEO 2006 Lane Huser
Mentoring Skills for Postdocs and Graduate Students-07'
June 6 (Wed.) 2007, 3-5 PM at Hunt Hall 241 (or using teleconference from Oak Park or LLNL). Facilitated by Dr. Ana Corbacho
Basic Principles of Cell Culture-07'
June 27-29 (Wed. to Fri.) at 1-5 PM. Oak Park, Education Room and Biolab.
Lecturing Opportunities - Summer 07’
CLEO 2008 SC272
Viewgraphs for the 2008 CLEO course
CLEO 2008 SC182