Opportunities for Engagement with CBST

The Center for Biophotonics Science & Technology Knowledge Transfer (KT) Team actively facilitates a variety of engagement opportunities between CBST and other organizations, such as:

•    Joint Development of Technology
o    Research collaborations
o    Sponsored research
o    Collaborative research grant opportunities: NSF, NIH, DoD, and other federal agencies,    SBIR/STTR, UC Discovery Grants (www.ucdiscoverygrant.org), etc. 

•    Technology Transfer
o    Confidentiality Agreements, Material Transfer Agreements, Licensing, etc.
o    Intellectual Property (facilitate interactions with Technology Transfer Offices)

•    Marketing & Communications 
o    Outreach at national and international conferences and technology events  marketing the science, education, and KT components of our Center 
o    Host and provide tours to visiting researchers and companies 
o    Host invited industry talks 
o    Monthly electronic newsletter (http://cbst.ucdavis.edu/about/newsletter) 
o    CBST website (http://cbst.ucdavis.edu/) 

•    Services
o    Develop ‘fee-for-service’ contracts between CBST and industry partners allowing access to many of CBSTs unique research tools

•    Gifts & In-kind Donations or Endowments
o    Facilitate interactions with UC Davis Sponsored Programs Office

•    Sponsorship of Events (e.g. CBST seminars, medical technology workshops, biophotonics research symposia, etc.)

•    Professional Development for CBST Graduate Student & Postdoctoral Researchers(e.g. preparation for careers in academia, industry, or entrepreneurial ventures; application for scholarships, fellowships, internships)