Org Chart & People

A list of CBST administrative staff and their contact information

Senior Management

Dennis L. Matthews, (916) 734-4342, Center Director (bio page)

James Boggan, (916) 734-2371, Center Co-Director (bio page)

Steve Lane, (916) 734-8120, Chief Scientific Officer (bio page)

Marco Molinaro, (530) 754-5305, Chief Education Officer (bio page) (team page)

Suzanne Papamichail, (916) 734-4343, Chief Administrative Officer (bio page)

Tod Stoltz, (916) 734-8447, Industry Relations and Business Planning Officer

Science Staff (headed by Steve Lane)

Frank Chuang, (916) 734-1773, Associate Director for Biomedical Research (bio page)

Thomas Huser, (916) 734-1772, Chief Scientist

Sebastian Wachsmann-Hogiu, (916) 734-1774, Facilities Director (bio page)

James Chan, (916) 734-0774, Staff Scientist (bio page)

Education Staff (headed by Marco Molinaro)

James Shackelford, Associate Education Director, higher education focus (team page)

Jodie Galosy, (530) 752-4284, Associate Director for Teacher Professional Development & Evaluation (team page)

Ana Corbacho, (530) 848-1336, Assistant Director for Higher Education (team page)

Michelle McCombs, Evaluation and Curriculum Coordinator (team page)

Michael Wright, 7-12 Program Coordinator (team page)

Alisa Lee, (530) 564-0048, Education Administrative Assistant (team page)

Knowledge Transfer Staff (headed by Tod Stoltz)

Gabriela Lee, (916) 734-1775, Director of Partnerships & New Program Development

Amy Gryshuk, (916) 734-0785, Director of New Ventures, UC Discovery Fellow (bio page)

Administrative Staff (headed by Suzanne Papamichail)

Tania Miller, (916) 734-8603, Executive Assistant to the Directors

Cheryl Ewerth, (916) 734-8350, Personnel & Payroll Coordinator

Doris Grabski, (916) 734-8361, Financial Analyst, Supervisor

Andrew Lague, (916) 313-5753, Programmer

Hanh Nguyen, (916) 734-8330, Purchaser