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Science & Technology Research

The CBST Research Portfolio is organized around three distinct theme areas:

1. Advance Bioimaging and Spectroscopy

2. Molecular and Cellular Biophotonics

3. Medical Biophotonics; Sensors & Assays; 

with research themes arranged by Center-Driven or Collaborator-Driven Projects.


Center-Driven Projects

Collaborator Driven Projects


Core Capabilities


Cancer Biology

Regenerative Medicine

Vascular Disease

Infectious Disease

Advanced Imaging and Spectroscopy

Diffraction Imaging

Adaptive Optics Microscopy

Structured Illumination  Microscopey/OMX

Non-Linear Microscopy

High-Speed Raman Cytometry


Raman Analysis of Stem Cells


Multimodal Imaging of Hosts-Viral Lifecycle 

Molecular and CellularBiophotonics


Membrane Biophotonics

TelomeraseEndcapStructure & Function

Antifreeze Glycoprotein

Full Parameter Environmental Chamber



Quantum Dot Tracking ofMSCs for Cardiac Repair

Lipoprotein Vascular  Cell Interactions


MedicalBiophotonics; Sensors and Assa

Bioluminescent Protease Assays

SERS-based Protein Assays

Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging and Spectroscopy

Spectroscopic Markers of Neurological Disease

Optical Imaging of Traumatic Brain Injury

In Vivo Spectroscopy of Human Retina

Advanced Endoscopy
and Optical

Passive-Flow Diagnostics

NanoparticleEnhanced X-Ray Therapy


Combined Optical and Beta Probe for Vulnerable Plaques

Photon-Based  Point-of-Care Testing for Critical, Emergency, and Diaster Care 

In keeping with its mission as an NSF Science and Technology Center, CBST strongly supports a team-based, interdisciplinary and multi-institutional approach to address important challenges in biology and medicine.

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